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Your Pet's New Favorite Hang Out!


Our Boxer boys absolutely love Jennifer and their furry friends at Ruff Life. Jennifer has truly enhanced their lives and brought out the best in them. Prior to working with Jennifer our dogs were not well socialized, a huge mistake on my part. Jennifer is so confident. She was able to get them socializing in no time and is helping me regain my confidence as well. 


Jennifer, I just want to say a huge thanks!! I have been working with Dakota on the e-collar and happy to say that she has been doing amazing! I have been hiking the past 3 days with her completely off leash and have not had a single problem. She stays close to me the whole time. It has really been life changing.


Jenn is amazing & after one month with her, it's been life changing training for our lab.  Their family is so sweet. Highly recommend for dog people that need better understanding on dog needs, all training/behavior needs, ect!


"OMG!!! I just took the dogs for a walk, walked out the garage and down to the mailbox.  When i turned around i noticed a dog RIGHT outside our house with his owner and their chatting in the middle of the road.


It was incredible!!!

When we came back in Cooper looked at him but never a peep from any of them!!!"


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Jennifer Hoover
Owner, Head Pet Trainer

My Approach

Eleven Years ago I started training our family dog, Mosby, a Labrador/Vizsla mix. Throughout the years, we have learned and grown together. I initially thought that obedience was key, but Mosby taught me that he could behave well on his own if I provided

the appropriate boundaries. At Ruff Life Training & Resort, we believe that our dogs need the 

option to choose to be great companions. And our unique approach provides our furry friends 

with the necessary structure to help them choose to be well behaved in every circumstance, which is what we all want.

Your Pets Are Our Passion