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  • What is considered a half day play day?

A half day play day is a reservation that is 5hrs or less.

  • What is your cancellation policy?


-Cancellation/changes through propet, email, text message or voicemail allowing at least 24 hours (72 hours over holidays) notice will have NO FEE NO PENALTY.

-Cancellation/changes with less than  24 hours (72 over holidays) will result in a full payment for the first day of service, the rest of the invoice will be excused or refunded.

-No shows will be charged 50% of their entire booked invoice.

Playday/ Daycare

-Cancellation/changes through propet, email, text message or voicemail allowing at least 24 hours (72 hours over holidays) notice will have NO FEE NO PENALTY.

-Cancellation/changes with less than 24 hours (72 over holidays) will be charged in full for the play day, but all extras added will be refunded or excused.

-No shows will be charged in full for their day of service including any add ons, as they will have already been prepared and waiting.

  • Will my fur child be in a yard with other friends their size? 

 Which yard a friend plays in is decided based on personality NOT size. We are a training based facility and want to ensure friends know how to play and interact with friends of all sizes. This way when they go on a walk or to the dog park they are not afraid or unsure how to play with a friend bigger or smaller than they are.  

  • How is it determined which yard my fur child will play in? 

All friends are given an assessment when they arrive for their first play day. During this assessment staff will establish which of our 4 yards your fur child plays best in.

  • My fur child needs some socialization training--can you help me? 

 We love helping our furry friends build the best relationship and respect for each other. Our training is Behavioral Training. This means instead of teaching your fur child commands that you have to nag them with, we teach your fur child what the expected behavior is for situations. This allows your fur child to live their best life as there is no need for them to guess how they should react to situations. Behavioral Training also takes the nagging out of your interaction with your fur child, allowing everyone to stay calm, cool, and collected in any situation. 

  • I keep my fur child's food in a plastic container. Can I just bring the whole container?

Not at this time. We have air tight container for your friend's food. Using our containers allows for us to ensure all our friends food is organized and separated from other friends food. Please only bring enough food for your fur child's stay and one extra service incase you are delayed. We will have you place your child's food in our food container that we will be using for the duration of their stay. Any food left over from their stay will be returned to you.  

  • Do you do grooming? 

Not at this time. 


  • Do you provide food for my fur child if I don't bring my own?​​

 We have a Ruff Life kibble mix available for $3 per meal if you don't want to provide food for      your dog. We do recommend bringing your dog's own food so that your dog's tummy doesn't      get upset.

  • What vaccination records do I need? Is my fur child's Rabies tag enough?

The State of Utah require all furry friends to have at least an up to date rabies vaccination to be on the property for any reason. The Rabies tag will NOT be acceptable for proof of vaccination. We MUST have a digital or paper copy of the records with a clearly stated expiration date. We recommend that you speak with your vet about keeping up to date on all other vaccinations.


  • Are exceptions made on vaccinations?

Yes exceptions can be made. If your fur child is younger than 16 weeks a rabies vaccination is not required as all vets will not vaccinate until a furry friend reaches 16 weeks. We recommend you speak with your vet to know if your fur child is healthy enough to socialize before being fully vaccinated as fur children who have not had all three rounds of shots before socializing with a number of friends are at a high risk. 

Exceptions are also made for furry friends due to health reason; though a vet note is required. ​

  • Do you allow intact (none spayed or neutered) friends?

Yes, we accept intact dogs of all ages. For intact dogs eight (8) months old or older, we do charge a $10 fee for each visit/day the dog is with us. We have multiple yards that allow us to separate intact dogs of opposite genders.


  • Do I need to bring a bed/blanket for my fur child while he/she stays with you?

Beds/blankets are welcome though not required for you to provide. We have cots, and blankets on hand that are washed daily and ready for furry friends staying with us overnight.


  • How long is my fur child out socializing?

Friends get to play in a group setting starting at 7am and ending at 7pm.  Friends are brought inside to their suite for breakfast, lunch/nap, and dinner.


  • What size are the suites/room my fur child will be sleeping in?

Paw-sidential Suite:10ft x 10 ft and 10ft x 4ft  with large elevated cots in them. Our Junior suites are 5ft x 4ft with a large elevated cot, Owners home on property; and our owner will customize their sleeping arrangements based on their needs.

Yes. Most of the time, they are things that have nothing to do with us humans. A few examples:

     ~Dogs playing together nicely may still be poked/cut/scratched by an untrimmed nail or an accidental tooth scratch.

     ~A playful puppy may get too far into another dog’s personal space causing the other dog to snap back out of reaction (not aggression).

     ~A pair of dogs might play, chase and jump off a platform or run too hard and sprain an ankle.

     ~Additionally, it is important for pet parents to be aware of dogs’ ability to share the doggy equivalent of the common cold (kennel cough) and other mild illnesses with each other. Because dogs play with their mouths and because most of these viruses are airborne, it is more likely for dogs in off-leash play settings to catch bugs like this.

  • What time can my fur child be dropped off and picked up?

Monday - Saturday we have 3 drop off/pick up time frames. 7:30- 9:00am, 11:30am-12:00pm, 4:30-6:00pm. Closed Sunday ​


  • What if I need to pick up or drop off my fur child outside of your office hours?

If you need to pick up outside of our posted office hours; arrangements MUST be made beforehand via a minimum of 24 hr notice via text, or email. Staff will respond either confirming or declining any request. Staff may not always be able to accommodate after hour pick up/drop off needs. A $15 MINIMUM fee will be added to your service for pick up/drop off outside of our regular hours.

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