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Taking care of your pet is a family affair.

A little about us...

At Ruff Life Training & Resort, we welcome your pet into our home, where they instantly become part of our family. Scott and I have three boys — Ollie, Vance and Boone --- plus a furry boy named Mosby. Together, we enjoy all the furry friends that come to stay with us. We create an environment that encourages your pet

to thrive regardless of the circumstance. They'll learn to handle the chaos that

often occurs in daily life and that can sometimes trigger our four-legged friends to

get overly excited or become anxious. Our approach to training will help your pets understand that there are times to be energetic and play as well as times to relax and be carefree. We provide a comforting and safe place, where your pets can come and be themselves, let loose and enjoy their surroundings.

Hi! I'm Jennifer

I founded Ruff Life Training & Resort with my husband, Scott. I was raised in the south and always had lots of pets. When I was a little girl, I thought that I could understand what my pets were saying to each other. What I later realized was that I had a knack for understanding the social cues that animals give when they interact with people and each other. I began training Mosby, 

our black Vizsla/Labrador mix, more than 

eleven years ago. Through the years, we have learned and grown together. Like many animal trainers, I thought obedience was key, but he taught me that he could behave well on his own

if I showed him the appropriate boundaries. I use this non-fear-based approach with all my furry clients, coupled with lots of love and recognition for a job well-done. The dogs I work with choose to be well-behaved, which is a win-win for everyone. I studied Sociology and Animal Training at Utah State University and have been working to build and improve the relationship between

people and animals for 14 years. I'd love to meet you and your furry friend!

Hi! I'm Scott

Jennifer and I love to be outdoors and are passionate about caring for and training animals using a non-fear-based approach. We founded Ruff Life Training & Resort to do

just that. I grew up in Midway, a place where I could be outdoors 12 months a year. It didn't matter to me whether I was swimming in the river or backpacking in the mountains, dogs and horses were always a part of my life. At Utah State University, I developed a love for training horses, as well as helping others build their confidence and skills with their four legged companions. Big or small, animals enhance our lives. When they choose to be well-behaved through proper training, it's a win-win for everyone. Feel free to reach out to me should you have any questions or want to learn more about improving your experience with your horses. 

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