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Dog Portrait


We had our 4yr old Havanese dog Ellie do 4 days of training with Jennifer and it was amazing! The process of scheduling, drop-off/pick-up and receiving updates was easy and well communicated. Ellie has definitely improved in her recall, leash pulling and food stealing. I would definitely recommend Ruff Life Training to anyone looking for help with training - Jennifer provided videos and written instructions on how to continue the training at home which has been extremely helpful!


Jennifer is a miracle worker when it comes to dogs! I have two dogs, one of which is terrified of everything and is super people shy. I love Jenn’s behavioral training instead of obedience training—my dog’s confidence has grown so much and he loves his bed now (part of the training). It’s his safe space and he goes there without me even having to tell him “bed.” He used to have to follow me around the house in case something scary was going to happen *cue eye roll* but now he’s happy to lie down in his bed and be comfortable with himself. I will recommend Ruff Life Training to anyone and everyone!


We had an incredible experience here! We were able to get our dogs in last minute, when our original plans for them during Christmas break fell through. We got daily text updates about how they were doing, with pictures, so we knew they were having a very fun time! Each dog had their own little room with a little toddler bed, which was absolutely adorable.
We are always hesitant to leave our dogs at a pet hotel, but Ruff Life went well beyond our expectations. We absolutely will be returning, because we know our dogs were safe and loved here!

Cute Dog


Having our dogs trained at Ruff Life was one of the best decisions we ever made! They were good dogs before, but now they are great! We are always getting compliments on how well behaved our dogs are. I would highly recommend sending your furry family members to Ruff Life!

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