“Until one has loved an animal, a part of one’s soul remains unawakened” ~ Anatole France    


Ruff Life Training & Resort is a local, family-run training based boarding and daycare business. Our highly-qualified trainers and yard attendants take a unique approach that encourages good behavior and reassures your dog when he/she makes the right choices. We then shower your fur babies with love and positive interactions to reward them for a job well done. So each day is not only filled with friends, love, and lots of activities it is also filled with learning and reinforcement for those good behaviors.  This creates a safe and fun environment for our dogs to learn and grow in.

Pick Up and Drop Off must be done with in the times listed below ONLY.  This ensures a more relaxing, safe, and ultimate play vacation.

Monday to Saturday: 7:30~9:00am, 11:30am~12:00pm, and 4:30~6:00pm.

Sunday 8:00-9:00am, 5:00-6:00pm.



At Ruff Life Training & Resort, we want your dog to have fun and thrive with his/her furry friends, so each dog is evaluated and personality tested to ensure they are playing with dogs best suited for them. We are especially proud of our training-based play day approach, where our furry clients get lots of exercise and love while romping around in a safe and fun environmentOur facility is co-located with our home, so your dogs will enjoy that in-home experience, while getting the added excitement of playing with our three young boys. Our play day schedule includes free play, constructive play and down time to ensure that your dog enjoys a well-rounded and diverse experience. Plus, we'll be sure to send you pictures and reports of all the fun your furry pups are having. 



$20/ HALF DAY (less than 5 hours)

Valid Monday - Friday and expire 30 days after purchase.

8 Play Days: 1 Dog (buy 7 get 1 free) $175

8 Play Days: 2 Dogs (buy 7 get 1 free) $350

12 Play Days: 1 Dog (buy 9 get 3 free) $225

12 Play Days: 2 Dogs (buy 9 get 3 free) $450

20 Play Days: 1 Dog (buy 15 get 5 free) $375



Ruff Life Training & Resort is a locally owned and family-run business, so when you board your fur babies with us, we treat them like family. We provide a structured, fun environment so your dogs will feel right at home, plus your furry pals will receive 1-on-1, personalized training during their stay, if here for training. We'll be sure that your dogs have loads of fun and get lots of love. For best results, we recommend a minimum of 4 days for any of our board and train packages (excluding Sundays). As many dogs are nervous their first time away from home or staying in a strange place, we recommend that you bring your furry family member in for a Play Day to get the jitters out before a time away from their human family.


Boarding in Owners Home

Boarding in our dog trainer's home with their family ensures that you come home from vacation to a happy child who remembers all you taught him/her. We offer a family-friendly environment that ensures your fur babies are happy, relaxed and feel right at home. Plus we are co-located with our boarding facility for ultimate play days!  You can be sure that we'll give your pet(s) lots of love and that they'll have loads of fun. They'll even get to participate in family activities, like water fights and tag.  You will also receive daily picture updates.



Paw-idential suite

Headed out of town but are unable to take your furry pal with you? Ruff Life offers safe, fun, and trustworthy overnight boarding services in our spacious 10x4ft suites. In our large spacious kennels your fur children can really stretch out and enjoy their stay. You can even bring a toy or two for them to play with in their large suites. These suites have a large bed to enjoy, but you are welcome to bring their personal one as well. They spend most of their time out playing with their friends but will be in their kennels for breakfast, lunch/break, dinner, and bed time. Your fur child will enjoy a FULL day of free play, structured play, and naps in our spacious play yards with their furry and human friends. Your fur child should also get to enjoy their vacation!

Paw-idential suite



(Must be able to eat in same kennel or select separate feeding service) 

Junior Suite

Our junior suites are our best option for a budget friendly suite where your fur kids can still enjoy the resort life and any add one you’d like. They spend most of their time out playing with their friends but will be in their kennels for breakfast, lunch/break, dinner, and bed time.  We happily provide beds in each suite, however you are welcome to bring your own.

Junior suite



Available Add Ons



We all love cooling off with a sweet frozen treat on these hot summer days. Now your fur child can do the same. 

Text or call to inquire about the flavor(s) available today.


Separate feeding from sibling 

A separate feeding area for those who have multiple furry children who are sharing a suite and love to sleep together; but are unable to eat together either due to food aggression, food sensitivity, or one eating slower than the other. 

We will feed each of your fur children in their own space to ensure they eat their food and their food only. Once all of your fur children have finished eating they will be able to be united again in the same kennel to rest or sleep.  This add on option should be added for each DAY, not per each meal and only needed for 1 dog (as the other dog will stay in their normal boarding suite).


Brushing Kong 

Brushing Kong-You and your fur child will appreciate the textured nubs to help keep teeth clean, stimulate gums and promote oral health. With the addition of a dental treat inside you will also enjoy the fresher breath.


Special Brushing 

Does your fur child love being brushed? Do you hate brushing your fur child due to the time it take, or because they don't love you brushing them? 

Let us help. We will happily give your fur child a personal 5 min brushing. During which time they will get one on one love and attention from our amazing staff. Brushing your fur child's coat regularly not only keeps their coat looking good, it helps release dead hair, cuts down on excess shedding, removes mats, and distributes the natural oils in the skin to keep your dog healthy.


Extreme Kong 

Extreme Kong- Want to give your fur child some extra stimulation during their afternoon break inside. Let them play with one of Ruff Life’s peanut butter filled Kongs for an added fun treat and stimulation.


Private Attention Play Time 

We love all of our fur friends and give them endless play time, love and attention.

Though it is always nice to get one on one time.

During this 15 min time staff will love on, play with, and give endless solo attention to your fur child.