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Full Time Staff

We have so many great staff here at Ruff life!  Here is our core crew.  They each bring a different element of skill and talent to our facility.  Here at Ruff Life we strive to make this the best vacation for our furry kids and this crew does that!


Hoover Family

We are a family owned business.  This means you will often find ALL the hoovers out playing and training the dogs.  You can also find them in the driveway playing basketball in between those training sessions...or sometimes during!



Irys is our Yard Manager.  She has a passion for dogs and loves them all.  She is great at helping everyone "UNLEASH" and have the most fun possible while staying safe.  She is able to encourage play, help those who are more shy come out of their shell, and place dogs in their best yard for optimal fun!



Many of you may recognize Breanna from the Fit Stop in Heber.  We are so excited to have her eye for detail and organization on our team.  Feel free to call and discuss all of the amazing "PAW-SSIBILITIES" ruff life has to offer as Breanna is our facility manager and loves to help all of our friends have the best stay. 



Briar is an asset to our Ruff Life team.  She is always eager help and always happy to help our furry friends go home cleaned and ready for snuggles.  She gives every dog all her love and attention as soon as they come into her yard.  



April is our lead kennel tech.  She does an amazing job sanitizing the facility and getting each fur child's suite ready for them.  She has an eye for detail and always makes all the dogs have a homie suite to stay in.  You can also find her helping in the yards as well as the office.



Erin is our jack of all trades.  She comes in every morning to help welcome everyone and get everything ready for the day.  She brings happiness to the kennel and love to each fur child.  You can find her in the yard, in the office, cleaning, feeding, or floating from place to place making sure everything gets done and everyone is helped.

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