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Peak Periods 

Boarding during holidays and weekends fills up quickly. Please book your reservations as far in advance as possible. Cancellation policies and rates may differ during peak periods. Call us for more information or check out our Frequently Asked Questions. 

Senior Dogs  

We love and welcome senior dogs! We are happy to administer medications at no additional charge. However, it is important to discuss your boarding plans with your veterinarian (and us) to help prepare for any stress your senior pup might experience being away from home. 

Aggressive Dogs  

At Ruff Life Training & Resort, we love all dogs. However, if we are unfamiliar with your dog, an evaluation is required before we will board your pet. Additionally, if you suspect your dog may display questionable behavior or just aren’t sure how he/she will act in a social setting with other dogs, children or people, please call us to set up a daycare visit where we will assess his/her interactions and group suitability. If at any time during his/her stay your dog shows aggressive behavior toward others dogs or humans he/she will be removed from all interactive play.